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baseclick GmbH

Superior Click FISH and PCR probes

Do you need to prepare labeled FISH probes or PCR products with outstanding label density for efficient in situ hybridization assays?

We have your solution for simple and reliable FISH assays, even ready for FACS detection. We offer ready-to-use custom oligonucleotides with several dyes attached, but also provide soon a kit to prepare click-ready DNA by enzymatic synthesis. In addition, kits for click reactions and purification enable DNA labeling for everyone.

The key attributes of baseclick’s FISH and PCR products are:

  • High-purity custom dye-oligos for superior hybridization kinetics help you save time
  • Labeled PCR probe generation by our upcoming kit, enable innovative technologies
  • High quality probes for low background FISH, for reliable performance
  • Powerful method for FISH mRNA detection


Baseclick offers all components to prepare labeled short and long DNA oligonucleotides to allow full flexibility for your experiments. Short multi-labeled oligonucleotides (e.g. triple labeled 22 mer oligos) are especially valuable to perform chromosome enumeration on interphase nuclei by fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH).

Which kit or reagent is the right for me?

Our high-quality oligonucleotides are ideal for your experiments that need conduct FISH experiments on a known sequence. The oligos are efficiently labeled with e.g. 3 labels per probe and bear thus higher fluorescence. In consequence, less probes are required for your experiment. This lowers the chance of eventual miss-hybridization to other compartments than the region of interest. Therefore, background can be reduced and your experiments is much more sensitive.

For longer oligonucleotides, chemoenzymatic approaches involving modified triphosphates can be applied. At the moment we are working on a ready-to-use kit system including all ingredients and an elaborate protocol so that you can prepare such samples easily and fast on your own. Please check back in a few weeks here or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.



  • A detailed protocol how to generate and select click-modified aptamers by “click-SELEX” PCR[1]
  • Some clickable artificial nucleotides are accepted by DNA polymerases as good as natural nucleotides[2]
  • Preparation of FISH probes by click chemistry[3]

Selected references

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[2] H. Cahova, A. Panattoni, P. Kielkowski, M. Hocek, 2016, DOI 10.1021/acschembio.6b00714.
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