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New project started

to apply our advanced Nucleic Acid Platform to RNA drug development

Initiated by our EU Research Project “ClickGene” we have recently developed a highly versatile and robust concept for the modification, delivery and translation of mRNA into cells. With the use of our proprietary click chemistry technology portfolio we were able to achieve proof of concept for the full translation activity of model mRNA in HeLa cancer cells (see figure).

Images of HeLa cells, which have been transfected with Eterneon-Red 645 Azide labeled mRNA coding for enhanced green fluorescent protein (eGFP) 24 hours prior imaging. Cells were monitored in bright field (A) and fluorescence mode (B-C). Fluorescence of the eGFP was detected using an FITC filter (B), fluorescence of the labeled mRNA was detected using a Cy5 filter.
Baseclick now sets out to open this emerging and highly potent technology to the R&D community by soon launching an mRNA modification kit.

Moreover, we have started to explore application opportunities of our technology in RNA drug development. First start was already done by patent application of this outstanding methodology. Click here for more information on our patents.

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