We enable nucleic acid labeling bioconjugation
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AA-UTP (Aminoallyl-UTP)

Modified Triphosphate for chemo-enzymatic labeling of long oligonucleotides

  • Size
  • Catalog No.
  • Price
  • 2.5 µmol
  • BCT-12-S

  • 320 €
  • You can use our amine-triphosphates in your nucleotide mixture and label your PCR-fragments subsequently with NHS-ester markers. The incorporation of aminoallyl-(d)NTPs is accepted by many polymerases in PCR (e.g. 5-Aminoallyl-dUTP has been enzymatically incorporated into DNA using Taq DNA polymerase, Reverse Transcriptases, phi29 DNA Polymerase, Klenow Fragment, exo- and DNA Polymerase I).
    Aminoallyl-NTPs are used e.g. for the synthesis of labeled fluorescent probes by reverse transcription of RNA

    • Molecular Formula


    • Shelf Life

      12 months unopened after receipt

    • Storage Conditions

      -20 °C

    • Molecular Weight

      539.22 g/mo

    • Purity

      ≥ 95 % (HPLC)

    • Physical State

      50 mM solution in water

    • CAS Number


    • Absorption (max)

      λmax = 249nm
      λmax = 289 nm

    • Ɛ (max)

      10,700 cm-1M-1
      7,100 cm-1M-1