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Alkyne Agarose

Alkyne-tagged agarose to capture azide-molecules

  • Size
  • Catalog No.
  • Price
  • 2.0 ml
  • BCSE-001-2

  • 200 €
  • Our clickable azide and alkyne modified agarose resins are 6% crosslinked agarose resins that are activated with azide or alkyne functional groups and designed for efficiently capturing only alkyne, or azide-tagged biopoylmers, respectively. After click reaction on the agarose, the captured molecules are covalently bound to it and will not be released. Main applications of these agarose resins can be found in proteomics, mainly capture and on-beads digestion. These new affinity resins are adaptable to column and batch affinity chromatography techniques (low pressure).

    • Shelf Life

      12 months unopened after receipt

    • Storage Conditions

      2-8 °C, do not freeze

    • Physical State

      white slurry

    • CAS Number


    • Preparation/Handling

      Enrichment target: Azide-modified proteins
      Format: Batch or column purifications
      Activation level: 10-20 μmol/mL
      Bead size: 50-150 μm
      Support: 6% cross-linked agarose
      Formation: 50% slurry
      Preservative: 20% ethanol