We enable nucleic acid labeling bioconjugation
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Welcome to our click chemistry shop!

You are searching for biomolecule labeling and bioconjugation reactions? Then we are glad to offer you our versatile DNA and RNA modification strategy and click chemistry tools in kit systems (e.g. RNA labeling kits, Oligo Labeling kits, dyes, etc.) or as single products to make your experiments easy, reliable and fast. Check out our products or design your own high-quality modified oligos (DNA, RNA, LNA, PNA) or aptamer. Moreover, when you are interested in metabolic labeling we offer clickable amino acids and peptides or sugars and fatty acids.

Besides, we are always trying to offer you the best-in-class click chemistry tools for emerging applications. The most popular example is probably our EdU cell proliferation assay. As superior BrdU alternative you will get faster your cell division rate for e.g. genotoxicity or anticancer drug experiments, etc. Other examples, in our pipeline are currently FISH and PCR kits as well as a novel Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library preparation kit system.