Application of EdU Click Kits extended by new immunostaining technology

Application of EdU Click Kits extended by new immunostaining technology

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We have expanded the multiplexing application of the EdU cell proliferation kits, that’s why we are proud to announce that our EdU Cell Proliferation Assay is now compatible with X-ZELL’s new Cryoimmunostaining™ technology – the first slide-based, 9-colour immunostaining system in the world.

X-ZELL’s Cryoimmunostaining™ Suite was designed to avoid unwanted cross-talk, immunofluorescence or non-specific binding, and does not require any spectral unmixing or downstream image processing.

The result: simple, robust immunophenotyping at the single-cell level.

In combination with baseclick’s proven EdU Cell Proliferation Assay, Cryoimmunostaining™ will open up a whole new world of possibilities in rare-cell research and take your work to the next level.



EdU click Kits

Our EdU click Kits provide multiplex applications and is compatible with X-ZELL’s immunostaining technology (

Cryoimmunostaining ™ Suite is world’s first slide-based, 9-colour immunostaining system and ultra-precise platform solution, that aims to make next-generation single-cell immunofluorescence cytology accessible to researchers worldwide.

Figure 1: Multiplex application combining EdU incorporation and detection in dividing cells with nuclear DAPI staining and antibody detection of intercellular intermediate filaments keratin and vimentin using Cryoimmunostaining ™ method from X-ZELL.

After 4h of EdU incubation, A549 cells (human lung carcinoma) were trypsinized and treated for the detection of the proliferating cells (EdU Green).

Furthermore immunostaining based detection for the Cytokeratin (PE) and Vimentin (AF594) was performed. Up to 9 immunostainings can be performed simultaneously on each sample.


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