Our Mission

We enable life science researchers to overcome challenges and create better solutions in diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccine development through our proprietary click chemistry


Oligonucleotide drug therapeutics are a potential drug class for wide range of diseases. With just 9 approved products they already generated more than. 2 billion


Munich March.22.2024 This partnership represents a significant milestone in advancing the field of nucleic acid bioconjugation and labeling, providing researchers with unprecedented access to cutting-edge


We’re thrilled to announce our participation in Analytica 2024, one of the leading trade fairs for laboratory technology, analysis, and biotechnology. This exciting event brings


Our Advantages

  • Click chemistry in oligonucleotide synthesis enables labeling up to 99.99% yield.
  • The most versatile click chemistry portfolio of chemical tools including clickable dyes, tags, sugars, amino acids and more to advance innovative projects.
  • Our EdU cell proliferation assays provide a superior alternative to BrdU assays. For monitoring of cell vitality, determining genotoxicity or evaluating anticancer drugs.
  • Our technology enables 5′, 3′, dual and multi or internally labeled DNA or RNA sequences used in our FISH Kits and PCR Kits.
  • Click chemistry in Next Generation Sequencing enables – for the first time – complete full-length information from 5′ to 3′ in transcriptomics and is compatible with all available sequencing devices.

Our lab expertise in click chemistry of nucleic acid drug and vaccine development is also available as a service

  • Our specialized custom oligonucleotide service to produce drug substances like aptamers, siRNA and more.
  • Specific cellular uptake can be achieved with mRNA clicked to targeting agents and generated via our mRNA production service.

Our Promises

High Purity:

Provide products with high purity.


High Quality:

Product quality is determined and analyzed by HPLC, LCMS an NMR measurement.


High Activity:

Through the improvement of purity, the biological activity of the product is guaranteed.

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