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We believe innovations are the key to scientific, economic and social progress.
At the beginning of each innovation is the invention, which was fueled by human curiosity and creativity, when faced with a technical problem. In order to develop an invention into value-added applications and eventually a successful innovation is a long and difficult process, which requires strong teamwork and many resources.

baseclick has pioneered in the development of high-end nucleic acid modification for diverse applications, e.g. cell proliferation analysis and single-molecule NGS sequencing. But our relentless pursuit of perfection identifies ever new potentials for improved (click) applications, e.g. chemical engineering of mRNA. Over the past years we have created several inventions and have built an attractive patent portfolio.

As our long-term vision is to unleash the full potential of click labeling, we offer know-how and attractive licensing conditions to our partners and we would be glad to discuss licensing options with you.

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Baseclick’s Proprietary IP Portfolio on Click Chemistry


baseclick (# 307 83 243.0/07); Eterneon (# 30 2017 013 698), Adapt Click (# 30 2018 104 831)

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