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    Advancing mRNA drug development

    How Poly-A Tail Modification improve mRNA stability? Articles were recently published in the TriLink BioTechnologies, part of Maravai LifeSciences describing groundbreaking work to improve mRNA

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    Detect the exact state of your dividing cells.

    Cell proliferation, a fundamental aspect of life in organisms, involves the division of cells. During this process, DNA replication is essential, and monitoring DNA synthesis

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    Active cell transport of oligonucleotide drugs

    Oligonucleotide drug therapeutics are a potential drug class for wide range of diseases. With just 9 approved products they already generated more than 2 billion

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    baseclick and Tebubio Join Forces to Revolutionize Nucleic Acid Bioconjugation and Labeling

    Munich March.22.2024 This partnership represents a significant milestone in advancing the field of nucleic acid bioconjugation and labeling, providing researchers with unprecedented access to cutting-edge

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    baseclick GmbH attends Analytica

    We’re thrilled to announce our participation in Analytica 2024, one of the leading trade fairs for laboratory technology, analysis, and biotechnology. This exciting event brings

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