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With click technology towards
novel mRNA vaccine development

Together with collaboration partners, baseclick Vaccine GmbH researches and develops various novel mRNA vaccine candidates for infectious diseases. The proprietary click technology enables a new and unique strategy to chemically modify RNAs, for specific cellular uptake and for more stability. This patented idea differs from currently licensed vaccines that have been formulated in lipid nanoparticles. The company started as a spin-out of baseclick GmbH 2020 to develop a modern COVID-19 vaccine candidate BCV-193N with its mRNA platform. 


BCV-193N was positively assessed in the Scientific Advice Meeting

Neuried, Germany, October 29th, 2021 – the German company baseclick Vaccine GmbH presented its preclinical data to the Paul Ehrlich Institute in a Scientific Advice Meeting, the outline for the production of its sugar-modified mRNA vaccine and phase I clinical study.

baseclick is already working on the second generation vaccines

While the first generation of vaccines is being inoculated, baseclick is already working on the second generation vaccines. This should be able to cope with mutations even better than previous ones. However, it will probably not be ready until before end of 2022.

Dr. Frischmuth gives an interview about our vaccine development

The mRNA vaccines have the great advantage that they can be developed very quickly and in a modular fashion. We can even change the genes of these mRNA, which we can then use as a vaccine. In the end, the body does everything itself. That means we get the body to produce its own vaccine.

Our Company

baseclick Vaccine GmbH is a German company and was founded in 2020 as a pharmaceutical subsidiary of baseclick GmbH. Despite the successful approvement of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, the improvement of vaccines against a variety of infectious pathogens has to be followed. Therefore, baseclick Vaccine GmbH researches on modern therapeutic approaches based on mRNA in order to rapidly advance the development of novel vaccines. With the click technology, a bioconjugation method to connect biomolecules, we believe we have found the solution.


Intellectual Property Portfolio

We believe innovations are the key to scientific, economic and social progress.
At the beginning of each innovation is the invention, which was fueled by human curiosity and creativity, when facing a technical problem. In order to develop an invention into value-added applications and eventually a successful treatment is a long and difficult process, which requires strong teamwork and many resources.

As our long-term vision is to unleash the full potential of click technology, we offer know-how and attractive licensing conditions to our partners and we would be glad to discuss licensing options with you.

Want to discuss licensing options?
Then leave a message to Dr. Thomas Frischmuth via our contact sheet below.

Our company headquarters




Development of mRNA vaccine encoding the nucleocapsid SARS-CoV-2 protein linked to sugar targeting agent


BCV-193N is a mRNA vaccine encoding the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein (N-protein) and is produced via in vitro transcription (IVT). To enhance stability, the mRNA is linked at the 3’END to sugar targeting agent via click chemistry. BCV-193N is intended to predominantly induce a T cell mediated immune response. BCV-193N’s sugar targeting agent targets the mRNA to immune presenting cells carrying glycan-receptor such as dendritic cells, macrophages etc.

Cooperation partner:

University of Groningen




Immune stimulation tests of EU containing mRNA



Pseuduridine (PU) and N1-methyl-pseudouridine (mPU) is a widely used nucleotide for the preparation of mRNA, which results in suppression of innate immune responses. Comparison test with Ethynyluridine (EU) modified mRNA indicate similar translation efficiency and immunogenicity.



Cooperation partner:

University of Groningen





Circular RNA (circRNA) via click chemistry


There is an urgent need
of stabilizing the mRNA for prolonged cellular translation efficiency. Circular mRNA can be produced via click chemistry leading to enhanced intracellular stability.







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