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EU Grant NATURE-ETN Agreement

Congratulations to all project members of NATURE-ETN!

As one member, baseclick looks very much forward to precipitate in this exciting project over the next years. The overarching aim of our research programme is to develop new materials and technologies in therapeutic nucleic acids that extend the boundaries of today’s gene editing technology, cancer immunotherapy, and epigenetic base manipulation. This goal will be reached by a combination of individual yet complementary/synergistic research projects and training researchers within multi-disciplinary and entrepreneurial environments. NATURE-ETN scientists are world leaders in their fields of research.  Our network will leverage breakthrough discoveries from our laboratories in active demethylation and nucleotide analytics, in enzymatic synthesis and modifications of nucleic acids, and in nucleic acid click chemistry. If you are interested in a PhD position please check our job openings. Nothing online until now? Then please check back to a later time, as all our open positions will be posted here.

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