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ClickTech Library Kit full-length mRNA_Seq V2.0

Production of full-length mRNA derived cDNA libraries for sequencing applications

  • Size
  • Catalog No.
  • Price
  • 1 Kit
  • BCK-LFRS-V2.0

  • 950 €
  • baseclick’s ClickTech Library Kit full-length mRNA_Seq V2.0 has been developed as a method for sequencing total mRNA of cells for transcriptome analysis. The kit provides reagents for cDNA synthesis from any RNA pool and introduces a single azide nucleotide at the 3’End of cDNA. This azido-modified cDNA can react with an 5’-alkyne-modified adapter sequence in a highly specific and biorthogonal manner under benign click reaction conditions. With the included specially designed PCR Primers, the 3’-adapter-clicked cDNA can be amplified via PCR, enabling subsequent NGS experiments or alternatively targeted gene amplifications


    • Shelf Life

      6 months unopened after receipt

    • Storage Conditions

      –20 °C

    • Physical State

      kit system made of different components

    • Preparation/Handling

      please see user manual of the kit