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Oligo Link Kit

Kit for clicking Oligos with labeling reagents as well as ligating two Oligos

Size Catalog No. Price
Size S / 1 Kit BCK-OL-S € 110,00
Size L / 1 Kit BCK-OL-L € 145,00
  • This ClickTech Oligo Link Kit can be used for e.g.:

    a) click-labeling of Oligonucleotides.

    b) ligating two Oligonucleotides.

    Compared to the enzymatic ligation “click ligation” exhibits several advantages: no byproducts, increased ligated product and easy purification of the desired product. Furthermore, several enzymes as well as a broad range of Taq polymerases accept the triazole linkage.



    Post-synthetic DNA modification with porphyrins for DNA-templated supramolecular assemblies, V. Nikolaou et al., 2023, Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines



    • What modifications does my oligos have to have in order to be clickable?

      The oligos must contain clickable modifications such as alkynes or azido functional groups. We offer a wide range of clickable amidites for oligo solid phase synthesis. Additionally you can generate your desired oligo using our oligo calculator for RNA, DNA and LNA in high quality. We are happy to advise you if you want to order unusual oligos that we do not offer in our oligo calculator. Just contact us. There are also other oligo providers that have the license from us to produce such oligos. Feel free to contact us for information about different click-licensed providers.

    • Has the kit been designed for CuAAC and / or SPAAC?

      The ClickTech Oligo Link Kit includes solvents buffer and reactors optimized for the copper-catalyzed version of the Huisgen cycloaddition (CuAAC) between an alkyne and azide. The kit is not designed for strain-promoted acid-alkyne cycloaddition (SPAAC).

      However, both types of oligo modifications and tags can be requested through our oligo calculator.

    • What is the ClickTech Oligo Link Kit used for?

      Oligo-Oligo ligation:

      Solid phase synthesis is limited when it comes to the length of oligos. The price of long DNA or RNA oligos becomes very expensive and insufficent above a certain base length.

      Long oligos can be reached by enzymatic ligation using splint oligos, but resulting in bad yields and several purification steps are necessary. Our Click Tech Oligo Link Kit offers easy and high efficient chemical ligation for a 3’modification Oligo and a 5’modification Oligo. baseclick will gladly provide you with suitably-modified oligos containing the necessary click functionality. Many modifications can be requested using oligo calculator.

      Oligo-Tag Link:

      The kit can be used to click all possible tags to an oligonucleotide e.g. dyes, sugars, fatty acids, peptides and many more.

      We offer several linkers, tags and targeting agents to modify your oligonucleotide. If you need support with your project, please contact us.

    • What is in the ClickTech Oligo Link Kit?

      Out of over 10 years of experience in the field of click technology and oligonucleotides we created a combination of buffers, ligands, agents and catalysts to meet your specific needs for oligonucleotide modifications. The kit provides the reagents needed to perform 10 reactions. For individual applications, the kit does not provide a modified oligonucleotide and no label azides or alkynes. All can be requested at baseclick, please contact us.

    • What is the difference between the ClickTech Oligo Link Kit S and L?

      You can choose between two sizes, S and L. In the ClickTech Oligo Link Kit with the size S you can link oligonucleotides from 70 pmol to 22 nmol. If you wish to produce linked oligos from 1 nmol to 90 nmol then choose size L. These are the minimal and maximal amounts of reacted oligonucleotide that can be achieved using the kits.

    • Shelf Life

      12 months unopened after receipt

    • Storage Conditions


    • Molecular Weight


    • Purity

      not relevant

    • Physical State

      kit system made of different components

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    • Preparation/Handling

      please see user manual of the kit