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Dye to label by SPAAC in copper-free environment

Size Catalog No. Price
1 mg BCFA-243-1 € 200,00
5 mg BCFA-243-5 € 650,00
  • This special red fluorescent dye DBCO-AF647 enables the possibility for copper-free click chemistry which is mostly used in reaction where cytotoxic copper catalyst is not an option. The click reaction takes place via strain-promoted Alkyne-Azide Chemistry (SPAAC) which does not need a Cu (I) catalysis or heating. Once attached to a biomolecule, fluorescence microscopy detection can be carried out just like with Cy5, or any other alternative dye.



    Chemoselective Bioconjugation of Amyloidogenic Protein Antigens to PEGylated Microspheres Enables Detection of α-Synuclein Autoantibodies in Human Plasma, P. Ge et al., 2022, Bioconjugate Chemistry, Vol. 33(2), p. 301-310.


    • Molecular Formula


    • Shelf Life

      12 months unopened after receipt

    • Storage Conditions

      -20 °C, dark

    • Molecular Weight

      1117.33 g/mol

    • Purity

      ≥ 95% (HPLC)

    • Physical State

      blue solid

    • CAS Number


    • Excitation (max)

      648 nm

    • Emission (max)

      671 nm

    • Ɛ (max)

      270.000 cm-1M-1

    • Solubility

      H2O, DMSO, DMF

    • Preparation/Handling

      For a 10 mM solution add 89.5 μL to 1 mg.
      For a 10 mM solution add 447.5 μL to 5 mg.