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THPTA | Tris(3-hydroxypropyltriazolylmethyl)amine

"baseclick-grade" water-soluble ligand in high quality for optimal yield

Size Catalog No. Price
5 mg BCMI-006-5 € 20,00
10 mg BCMI-006-10 € 33,00
50 mg BCMI-006-50 € 70,00
100 mg BCMI-006-100 € 105,00
  • The water-soluble ligand THPTA, Tris(3-hydroxypropyltriazolylmethyl)amine, is a very efficient additive for Cu(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne click reactions (CuAAC) using CuSO4 or baseclick’s Solid Reactor (BCMI-008; incl. also in the Oligo Link Kit BCK-OL). It speeds-up the reactions plus maintaining the Cu(I) oxidation state of the copper source to protect your biomolecules from possible damage and degradation. The ligand is often used for aqueous reactions, including labeling of living cells, labeling of oligonucleotides or labeling of proteins without the need of denaturation of the secondary structures. THPTA is an alternative to the water-insoluble TBTA (Tris((3-benzyl-1H-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)methyl)amine).



    Copper-Catalyzed Azide–Alkyne Click Chemistry for Bioconjugation, S. Presolski et al., 2011, Current Protocols of Chemical Biology, Vol. 3(4), p. 153-162.


    • Molecular Formula


    • Shelf Life

      12 months unopened after receipt

    • Storage Conditions

      -20 °C

    • Molecular Weight

      434.5 g/mol

    • Purity

      ≥ 95% (HPLC)

    • Physical State

      white colored powder

    • CAS Number


    • Additional name


    • Solubility

      Water or DMSO/t-BuOH 3:1 (Click Solution)